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PowerTime is a comprehensive suite of online Timesheet and Attendance automation tools.

PowerTime is a powerful system that can simplify your timesheet process, and acts as a self-serve employee information portal with 24/7 access to leave balances, electronic paystubs, online expense reports, time-off requests, and more. Its convenient features can smooth out your payroll process generating exports that are compatible with your payroll application, and it can keep you informed with a wide variety of supervisor alerts and reports for review or analysis. Best of all, it is highly configurable to match your organization’s current methods.

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It’s Wherever You Are
PowerTime is a web-based tool, so employees can access its features using just their preferred web browser, or with our smartphone app for Android or iOS.

Plus, it’s easy on your computers. Your IT staff will appreciate that there’s no software to roll out to everyone, and users will appreciate that there’s no extra apps to slow down their computers.

Reduce your Workload
Here’s some things that you can cross off your list of worries: paper timesheets, calculators, leave balance enforcement, overtime rules, and manual data entry. With PowerTime’s help these tasks will become easier and faster, and you can spare yourself the repetitive stress injury.
Empower your Supervisors
Supervisors have a lot on their plate. Their time is valuable, and they certainly don’t want busywork to take up so much of it. So we made PowerTime’s supervisor dashboard into a convenient one-stop-shop for reviewing pending actions, timesheet approvals, time off requests, and more.
And Make it Yours
Beneath PowerTime’s surface is a settings menu that contains a truly impressive array of under-the-hood features and tools. Here, admins can manage important features like:
  • Your company-wide settings
  • Exports to Payroll
  • Available Charges or Expenses
  • Individual Employees or Groups
  • Holiday Settings and Leave Balances
  • Permissions for charges, pages, and tools
  • …And so much more!
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Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, let’s get into the best part: The details on the benefits that PowerTime has to offer you. Whether you’re most interested in one or two specific features, or you want to see it all, this page is the best place to make that leap from. Take a peek down below and give a click to any of them to learn more.


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Explore the ways you and your employees can record their time and attendance. Whether they’re punching in and out manually, creating and editing time pairs, or recording their hours worked on a timesheet, you can be sure they’re supported by a variety of systems and features to make the process a breeze.


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Our optional Expense Tracking feature is used much like a timesheet, with many additional custom settings and features. Limit expenses by employee groups, upload images of receipts for review and documentation, generate reports, and enjoy the benefits of automatic calculation and rate conversion.


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Your supervisors and admins will love the convenient holiday and time-off system. PowerTime automatically enforces your leave balance and holiday rules, and the Supervisors’ calendar view and time-off request tracking system allows them to manage their employees’ time off with confidence.


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Learn more about how our Supervisor Page can speed up your employees’ time and attendance workflow with tools that are easy for your supervisors to understand and use, and quick access to all the information they could need.


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PowerTime is more than just timesheets – It’s also an all-in-one place for your employees to track their own information. Example uses include 24/7 viewing of Paystubs and W2s, or managing their personal profile, time off requests, timesheet history, and preferences.


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It’s here where the true depth of PowerTime becomes clear. From here, your Admins can set up your company, create pay codes and charges, define your holiday and payroll policies, manage every aspect of employees and their groups, and beyond. With so many tools, you truly can make PowerTime yours.


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Whether your organization is made of 20 people or 20,000, we’ve got purchase options for you. There are several kinds of PowerTime packages with different features, so take a look here to find the one that suits you best.
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