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Whether you have 20 employees or 20,000 employees, there’s a PowerTime plan for you.
Big budgets, small budgets, big companies, small companies. You all deserve a great experience. We’re here for you with a wide selection of highly competitive offerings that put the power in your hands without breaking the bank.

Several purchase options are available for PowerTime. Using the section below, you can review them and their features below to determine which would best serve your organization’s needs, and use any of the following options to get more information:
■ Sign up for a demo account
■ Ask us a question
■ Fill out this form to request a quote
All displayed prices are approximations, and are subject to change when a formal quote is provided.

Paystubs & W2s Only
For any number of users
For 1 – 99 users
For 11 – 99 users
For 100 or more users
Give your employees immediate access to all of their paystubs and W2’s
Ideal for the small business that’s seeking a simple system
A good fit for the small business that needs some extra functionality
Unleash PowerTime’s full functionality for large enterprise-level companies
Mobile App Access
Daily and Weekly Timesheets
Online Webclock
Reports and Exports
Holiday Policies
Expense Reporting
Time Off Request System
Import/View Paystubs and W2s
Shift Differential Calculations
Help & Support via E-mail
Help & Support via Live Phone Call
*During business hours
Personalized Admin Training
Host Your Own PowerTime Install (Optional)
All plans include the option to pay the subscription fee in either monthly installments, or annual lump sums.
We build business by building relationships.
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