Our Response to COVID-19

How we’re protecting our clients, our employees, and our neighborhoods.
Line drawing of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, live phone support for PowerTime is currently unavailable. However, e-mail support is still operating at full capacity, so if you need help with a PowerTime related issue, please don’t hesitate to send a message to support@focusps.com
Building a Healthier Community
Life just got more challenging for so many of us, and we feel a responsibility to do what we can to make this pandemic easier to get through. So we’re coordinating with our local hospitals and medical providers to improve their working conditions. We’ve turned our fleet of 3D printers, which normally create components for our Tempus hardware devices, to the task of creating conveniences such as mask extenders. We hope that with contributions from local businesses, our community’s health care providers and their support staff can work in safety and comfort.
A Focus Inc employee delivers bags of 3D-printed face mask extenders to a local hospital representative




The logo of PowerTime, Focus Inc's online Timesheet and Attendance software
PowerTime is a suite of web-based time and attendance solutions.
You can access it anytime, anywhere, using a web browser or smartphone app.

You and your employees will love PowerTime’s on-the-go convenience and its lightning-fast time entry and approval processes.

A person uses PowerTime to fill out their timesheet by using a tablet at their desk
Use PowerTime to track and monitor your employees’ timesheets and expenses in real time.
Robust options allow you to customize a variety of modules to suit your needs.
A view of PowerTime's servers while a man uses PowerTime on a laptop
View and manage time-off requests in real time, including automatic notifications to and from employees.
Automation saves time and reduces errors in time tracking.
A person holding a smartphone displaying PowerTime, next to a laptop displaying a timesheet
Use PowerTime to generate paystub histories, which employees and supervisors may view at any time.
Easily create reports or export timesheet data to your payroll for processing.
Focus support staff, happy and able to assist clients with PowerTime
Support from our qualified team can expedite PowerTime set-up and integration.
Friendly and personalized assistance from our support staff helps keep your system running smoothly.
PowerTime displayed on a smartphone and a tablet, next to the words 'Always available, no matter where, no matter when'
PowerTime displayed on a smartphone and a tablet, next to the words 'Always available, no matter where, no matter when'
PowerTime is loaded with features and add-ons that make life simpler for everyone. From employees, to supervisors, admin, and payroll managers, we designed our software to create the best possible experience for users. Here’s a preview of just some of the many ways PowerTime can add value and functionality to your business’ timekeeping process.
Flexible pay periods
Multiple methods of time entry
Track your expenses
Employee roles and groups
Holiday and time-off tracking
Import and view paystubs and W2’s
Generate a variety of reports
Usable on any standard web browser
Available on iPhone and Android
100% paperless
Powerful supervisor tools
Automatic calculation and enforcement of hours
The potential applications of PowerTime don’t stop there!

We also offer specialized hardware devices that are designed to work with PowerTime or many Microsoft Windows-based sign-in or point-of-sale apps. Our terminals are made to order, customized to your hardware needs, and assembled in the USA.


Side-by-side portraits of several Focus employees relaxing or hard at work
At Focus, we believe that our business is only as strong as its relationships. Real people are at the core of all businesses, so every single day, we strive to provide the best possible products and support. Through over 20 years as a company, we’ve come to believe in a highly personalized approach. No matter who you are or what your needs are, you should feel comfortable and confident while working with us. We’re offering more than just goods and services: We’re also here to provide a familiar working relationship that creates a value for our clients and partners that can’t be matched.
We build business by building relationships.
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