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PowerTime is a suite of web-based time and attendance solutions. By logging in from your web browser, you and your employees can access it anytime, anywhere.

Man working on a data center laptop, and a PowerTime weekly timesheet being displayed on a tablet device
Use PowerTime to track and monitor your employees' timesheets and expenses in real time.

Robust options allow you to customize a variety of modules to suit your needs.

A client using PowerTime on his laptop, with Focus' cloud-based data servers in the background
View and manage time-off requests in real time, including automatic notifications to and from employees.

Automation saves time and reduces errors in time tracking.

A client using PowerTime on their laptop and on their mobile phone
Use PowerTime to generate paystub histories, which employees and supervisors may view at any time.

Easily create reports or export timesheet data to your payroll for processing.

Focus' support team, ready and able to help our clients with their PowerTime system
Support from our qualified team can expedite PowerTime set-up and integration.

Friendly and personalized assistance from our support staff helps keep your system running smoothly.

Clients using the PowerTime mobile app on their phone, and in their tablet browser, with the words 'Always available, no matter where, no matter when.'
Clients using the PowerTime mobile app on their phone, and in their tablet browser, with the words 'Always available, no matter where, no matter when.'
We offer extremely versatile and programmable hardware devices, designed for implementation in any industry. They make ideal timeclocks, general kiosks, and industrial fixed mount data terminals.

From workshop to desktop, and everywhere in-between, it's built for you.

A red-orange circle with the words 'COMING SOON!' in it
The crisp 10-inch touch screen is large enough to properly display most apps, while still fitting into a lightweight, space-efficient case.

Its size and form factor make it ideal for office environments.

The device can be mounted securely to a wall, or free-stand on any flat surface.

Wi-fi and Power Over Ethernet capability maximizes your deployment possibilities.

Includes a built-in biometric fingerprint reader and/or proximity card reader.

Supports optional USB devices through exterior mounting points and USB ports. Possibilities include magnetic stripe readers, barcode scanners, and more.

Utilizes the Microsoft Windows IoT operating system

Designed, assembled, and tested in the U.S.A.

The vibrant 10-inch touchscreen enhances a vast variety of apps. Its lifespan is extended by a glass cover and automatic screen dimming.

A sealed metal keyboard and optional number pad ensures easy data entry for users.

Its hardened metal enclosure makes it impact-, water-, and tamper-resistant in rough environments, both indoors and outdoors.

An optional hood may be purchased for extra protection from rain or harsh sunlight.

Mounting points allow for the attachment of optional USB devices, such as proximity card readers, magnetic stripe readers, or barcode scanners.
Supports full Microsoft Windows 10, Linux, or Android operating systems.

Designed, assembled, and tested in the U.S.A.

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