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PowerTime takes the frustration and guesswork out of the entire time-off and leave tracking process.
We put the power in your employees’ hands to review their own leave balances and create their own vacation requests, removing the burden from supervisors and admins. You’ll never have to micromanage the paperwork every time someone wants to take a day off!
You might be familiar with scenes like this one. Maybe this was your desk at one time, or that of a coworker’s. Either way, it’s an overwhelming scenario. The pile never gets smaller, and where does one even start? A stylized image of a messy pile of calendars, binders, notes, calculators, pencils, and more As your company grows so does the complexity of managing employees.
Keeping track of them becomes more and more daunting, especially when it comes to employees covering shifts for each other, taking leave for medical needs, scheduling vacation time for popular holidays, and more. In a jungle of sticky notes, voice mails, in-person conversations, and e-mails, it’s a nightmare to cross-check your records and leave requests for accuracy. Adapting to changes to your employees’ lives and work schedules is a task that never ends, and never gets simpler… until now.
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One size doesn’t always fit all, so PowerTime has the ability to create different holiday policies and apply them only to certain employees or groups. Use your policies to determine which dates are eligible holidays for employees that use that policy, and whether employees are allowed to use the hours in other ways if they work during a holiday.

A screenshot of PowerTime's Holiday Policy options screen, showing an employee editing the holiday settings for Labor Day
PowerTime also supports a number of Leave charge types, such as Sick Time, Vacation, Comp Time, and more.
A screenshot of PowerTime's Holiday Policy options screen, showing an employee editing the holiday settings for Labor Day


“How many vacation hours do I have left?”

You may have heard that phrase at some point, or maybe you’ve asked yourself that question in the past. PowerTime seeks to eliminate that balance tracking nightmare through its simple-to-use interface. When you import data from your payroll system to PowerTime, that import can tell PowerTime how much Leave Balance is available to each employee. Employees can view their leave balance at any time on their timesheets or on the time off page.

A small screenshot of an employee's balance of Leave and Sick Leave hours in PowerTime

When employees use their balance through the Time-Off Request system, PowerTime will subtract the hours used from their balance and reflect the new total to the employee in real-time. Then, you can export that data back into your payroll system, creating a cycle that easily and accurately tracks your employees’ usage of their leave time.


A screenshot of the page where an employee is creating a request for time off in PowerTime PowerTime’s time off request system is both powerful, and easy to use.

When you import Leave Balances into PowerTime from your payroll system, employees are then free to use that balance in the Time-Off Request pages. From here, employees can select one or more dates from a calendar, choose the start time of their leave for each of those days, and set how many hours they’d like to use on each day. PowerTime shows the employee all the necessary information along the way, including their starting Leave Balance, how many hours they’ll be using, and stopping them if they try to use too many.

Once submitted, the request is instantly visible to their Supervisors, who can review, edit, approve, or deny the Time-Off Request according to their own criteria.

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A stylized image of a cluttered calendar with sticky notesA small red arrow graphicA screenshot of a calendar in PowerTime, showing which days employees have requested time off for
Whenever a user makes a leave or vacation request in PowerTime, their Supervisor receives an alert.

When the Supervisor goes to to review it, they can discover all the details of the request: The dates the employee asked for, when the request was made, remaining leave balance, and so on.

Better yet, when the Supervisor views their calendar, they can see all their other employees’ requests. This way, your Supervisors can easily manage multiple time off requests quickly, identify extremely popular dates, and prevent overlaps that result in short-staffing.

A screenshot of a calendar in PowerTime, showing which days employees have requested time off for


Managing the vacations and timesheets of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees can be daunting at best, and downright frustrating at worst. It’s an unavoidable task that can be time-consuming, expensive, and labor-intensive if your software isn’t optimal for your needs.
It could be so much better. PowerTime can help you make manual data entry a thing of the past.
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With our Holiday Policies, Leave Balance Tracking, and Time Off Request tools all working in tandem, you can quickly establish a reliable system that works gracefully with your existing payroll software, while minimizing workload and potential for errors.

A vacation for your employees shouldn’t mean more work for you.

We build business by building relationships.
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