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PowerTime helps Supervisors feel confident that they have accurate information and the best tools to fulfill their duties.
Without Supervisors, admins would be overloaded, shifts would be short-staffed from uncoordinated vacations, and timesheets wouldn’t get sent to payroll. It would be a disaster. So we gave them a dedicated area in PowerTime that makes their work faster, their obligations easier, and their experiences more convenient.
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The Action Items Page is the first area Supervisors will see in their area. Here, front and center, Supervisors are given a convenient list of all the pending items in their group that are awaiting their attention. Whether that be new Time Off Requests, Timesheet or Expenses Approvals, or Auto Punch review, all of the alerts that require their input are laid out on an easy-to-read table, with convenient links to the relevant page for each item.

The Action Items landing page ensures that no matter how many employees your Supervisors might have in their group, nothing will get missed, and your Supervisors won’t get overwhelmed.

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Up next is the Employee List View. On this page, your Supervisors can navigate the hierarchical tree of employees within their group. Find specific employees by using the Date Range filter to narrow your search, and touch the attached buttons to jump straight to the selected employee’s timesheet, expense sheet, or time off requests. Supervisors can also send messages to one or more of their group’s employees.

The full employee list is available to the Supervisor at any time, for the purposes of reviewing past and current timesheets, transaction logs, and time off schedules.

A screenshot of a Supervisor's list of employees in PowerTime, including quick links to their Timesheets, time off status, and so on
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The Supervisor’s Calendar is an extremely powerful tool for the planning of employee Leave. This highly readable page lays out all of their employees’ Time Off Requests in visual form on top of a large calendar for maximum clarity, such that they can easily identify potential Leave overlaps or ideal dates for employees to request Time off. As with the Supervisor’s other tools, clicking on an employee’s name from the calendar will lead the Supervisor to that entry’s Time Off Details, and enable the management of individual requests.

With this potent visual tool in your hands, you don’t have to fear common concerns like short-staffed shifts due to overlapping vacations.

A screenshot of the supervisor's Calendar View in PowerTime, which displays employees' time off requests directly on the calendar
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Someone has to watch over employees’ leave time, and with PowerTime, that someone no longer has to wrangle countless e-mails, handwritten notes, and verbal requests for time off into a workable schedule. Take some of the responsibility off your Admins’ shoulders by putting this power in the hands of your Supervisors. When employees submit their Time Off Requests, they are required to include all important details: The date(s) requested, the number of hours, the start time(s), and leave type. When your Supervisors access the request via the Calendar or Action Item pages, they can view all these details and approve or deny the request based on what their assessment and staffing needs.

Once a request is approved or denied, the Supervisor does not need to take any further action. PowerTime applies the Leave Balance calculations automatically, and Admins will export the Leave totals to your payroll system. PowerTime makes it so easy to create and manage Time Off Requests that it will barely feel like a job at all.

A screenshot of an employee's Time Off request in PowerTime, showing the selected days on a small calendar, comments, number of hours requested, and more
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Last, but not least, is the Messaging system. To start, employees and supervisors can enhance their communication and record-keeping by entering their own comments into certain areas, such as Time Off Requests and the Daily Punch Clock section.

In addition to that, Supervisors and Admins can send messages to their employees at any time, and for any reason. Maybe they need to ask an employee to fill out or correct a timesheet or expense sheet. Or they might have questions about a certain time entry or a leave request. When Supervisors are visiting the Employee List, they can select an individual or a group of employees to send a message to. These employees will be notified by e-mail of the correspondence, and can log in to PowerTime to respond.

With the Messaging System, a record of conversations is established inside PowerTime. In this way, no information gets lost, and nobody has to get frustrated searching for a previous correspondence.

A screenshot of PowerTime's message inbox, showing a list of messages the user has received
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