PowerTime Paystubs, W2s, and Information Portal


One of PowerTime’s key advantages is the ability to work in tandem with your existing Payroll system. Importing and Exporting to and from your Payroll System to PowerTime offers many benefits, from quick processing of timesheets to the ability for employees to access their own vital information – such as Paystubs and W2s – at any time within PowerTime. In this way, PowerTime serves as a 24/7 information portal for employees, so that their documents are never out of reach.
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Import Your Employee Data
PowerTime can read the exported files from many types of Payroll systems, such as excel files, or text files with comma- or semicolon-separated values. Admins just need to use the Import Tool, with the Paystubs or W2s options selected. Then just map the input to the correct data fields, and PowerTime will process the data for display to the user.
View Essential Documents
Once the Paystub or W2 data is uploaded into PowerTime, users can head over to the Paystubs Tab to begin viewing their documents. It’s really as simple as selecting the desired document date from the list!
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24/7 Access
PowerTime gives its users the benefit of anytime-access to documents. Admins can enjoy never having to print and mail a paper paystub again, and employees can appreciate never having to send e-mails, make phone calls, or dig through filing cabinets to access their Paystubs or W2s.


In addition to quick access to their tax documents and pay records, Employees also have their own Personal section in PowerTime. Here, they can manage their own settings and personal information. Whether it’s to view or edit their personal information, manage their time off requests, or set convenient shortcuts for features such as Favorite Charges, the personal section is here to enhance the employee’s experience with PowerTime.
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