Power Time Online Web Time sheet software for Employee Time and Attendance. PowerTime Online Web Time clock software for Employee Time keeping and payroll. Power Time Online Web Time sheet software for Employee Time and Attendance.

Employee Expense Tracking and Management

PowerTime Online Employee Expense Reporting PowerTime Expense Tracking Software provides your employees the ability to perform online expense reporting for their reimbursable expenses and have them approved by their supervisor. Employees enter units such as miles and your company conversion rates are applied to calculate the actual dollar amount. This data can then be exported to your payroll application for reimbursement. Like the PowerTime Online Timesheet the expense sheet is designed to be very intuative and easy for your employees to learn how to use. PowerTime can be configured to use your company's terminology so that employees feel comfortable right away with PowerTime expense reporting.

Feature-Rich Supervisor Tools: We know that supervisors don't like managing and approving their employee's expenses and that is why PowerTime features excellent supervisor tools. From a single screen, PowerTime provides the supervisor with a dashboard of information with direct links to any actions that are pending the supervisor's attention. This tool enables your supervisors to approve expenses at the end of a pay period in a fast, efficient and error-free way.

Eliminate Common Expense Problems There are certain aspects of expenses that are a problem for everyone. For instance, milage rates are always changing and employees are constantly asking their supervisor what the current mileage rate is. When a rate is changed within PowerTime, the employees automatically get the new rate on their charge. PowerTime also supports Piece Rates. So if an employee is paid a certain amount per "piece", or per job, they can simply input the number of "pieces" completed and PowerTime will automatically calculate the dollar amount to export to payroll.

Eliminate the Paper and Reduce Errors: By eliminating your current paper expense process with PowerTime, you can simplify the preparation of your payroll data, decrease errors and significantly reduce processing time. You can configure PowerTime so that employees only have access to those expenses that are relevant to them. All rates and conversions are calculated by the system reducing errors and eliminating the time it takes for manual checking. PowerTime also eliminates the need for hours of data entry into your payroll system because timesheet data is electronically sent to your payroll application.
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