Power Time Online Web Time sheet software for Employee Time and Attendance. PowerTime Online Web Time clock software for Employee Time keeping and payroll. Power Time Online Web Time sheet software for Employee Time and Attendance.

Time Entry Options

PowerTime Online Employee Expense Reporting PowerTime can be customized to handle the manner in which you would like each of your employees to input their time. Each company does employee time tracking and management in their own way and sometimes there are differences in the entry methods within a company. Some employees may be able to login to PowerTime at the end of the week and input their hours for the entire week. Other employees may be required to input their time at the end of each day or even clock in and out in realtime. PowerTime provides many time entry options so that your company can configure the system in the manner that suits you best.

PowerTime Weekly and Daily Timesheets enable your employees to input their time worked at the end of the day or at the end of the week. PowerTime makes data entry easy so that the employee can get their time in the system with a minimal amount of hassle. This method is best for salary or contract employees who don't need to clock in and out, but need to have their time tracked.

PowerTime Webclock allows your employees to clock in or out using our online webclock. The time pairs are captured based on the server time, rounding rules are applied, and work hours are calculated. Hours are automatically added to the employee's timesheet for them to view and sign. Supervisors have the ability to make edits and additions to the employee timesheet before approval.

PowerTime Linx Hardware Clocks Hardware Timeclock: PowerTime can also be integrated with a traditional hardware timeclock for those employees who need to clock in and out using a badge or biometric system. This method is best for those companies who are excited about using an online solution for their supervisors and payroll clerks, but who also have staff that require a traditional hardware timeclock. Please contact us for more information on our hardware timeclock solutions.

Telephone IVR: PowerTime also offers an exciting new time entry option for those companies that have mobile employees. With the PowerTime IVR system, your employees can call into our 800 number, login using their employee ID, clock in, clock out or transfer right over the phone. The telephone prompts can be completely customized for your company and your terminology. For a demo of our IVR technology, please visit our IVR partner Telliris.