Power Time Online Web Time sheet software for Employee Time and Attendance. PowerTime Online Web Time clock software for Employee Time keeping and payroll. Power Time Online Web Time sheet software for Employee Time and Attendance.

PowerTime Automates Community College

The Southside Virginia Community College (SVCC) has been providing quality education to the people of Southside Virginia for over 35 years through a wide range of post-secondary programs which includes university parallel, technical, vocational and community service programs. With over 275 employees working on 8 different campuses, processing payroll was a nightmare for SVCC’s Payroll Department. Each timesheet had to be manually checked and calculated by the 75 supervisors and then sent to Payroll to manually retype into the State’s CIPPS Payroll system.

SVCC started searching for an affordable system that would help them automate their paper timesheet process. Personnel issues dictated that the system must be easy to use; accessible from any of the facilities; and included robust reporting features. After carefully reviewing multiple systems, SVCC chose FOCUS’ PowerTime, a web-based timesheet and expense reporting system.

Automation Saves Time, Ensures Accuracy
Prior to implementing PowerTime, the calculation error rate was high. Much time was spent checking calculations and making sure the correct accounts were used. With their old paper system, it took days to check each timesheet and enter the data into CIPPS. Now, with the help of PowerTime, it takes only one day to process their payroll. Both Salary and Wage employees are using PowerTime. Salaried employees simply enter their hours for the various leave types right in the web browser. Overtime and Comp Time can also be entered and reported in PowerTime.

Hosted Option Easy to Purchase
SVCC chose to purchase the PowerTime Hosted Version. This allowed SVCC to implement the application without any hardware investment or IT department resources. SVCC simply pays a monthly fee to use PowerTime through a credit card payment.

"I really like PowerTime. It gives me the exact report I need for payroll without having to add up timesheets.”
Janet Lenhart
Payroll Specialist
Southside Virginia Community College