Power Time Online Web Time sheet software for Employee Time and Attendance. PowerTime Online Web Time clock software for Employee Time keeping and payroll. Power Time Online Web Time sheet software for Employee Time and Attendance.

PowerTime Reduces Payroll Processing Time By 80%

The Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board (HNNCSB) provides comprehensive mental health, mental retardation and substance abuse services for people of all ages who live in Hampton and Newport News, Virginia. With over 700 employees working on 65 different programs in 17 individual facilities, processing payroll was a nightmare for Brenda Burt, HNNCSB’s Payroll Supervisor. Each timesheet had to be manually checked and calculated by the 100+ supervisors and then sent to Burt to manually retype into their Netsmart CMHC HR/Payroll system.

HNNCSB started searching for an affordable system that would help them automate their paper timesheet process. Personnel issues dictated that the system must be easy to use; accessible from any of the facilities; interfaced with their CMHC HR/Payroll application; and included robust reporting features. After carefully reviewing multiple systems, HNNCSB chose FOCUS’ PowerTime, a web-based time and activity tracking system.

Automation Saves Time and Ensures Accuracy
Prior to implementing PowerTime, the calculation error rate was high. Much time was spent checking calculations and making sure the correct charges were used. “With PowerTime, employees can enter their time directly into the system. So, now we can trust the numbers to be accurate, plus we’ve saved the time and expense of data entry,” remarked Burt. With their old paper system, it took Burt and her assistant a full week to check each timesheet and enter the data into CMHC. Now, with the help of PowerTime, it takes only one day to run reports and export the payroll data into CMHC.

Flexible and Easy To Use
A small group of supervisors were originally trained in the use of PowerTime and they then acted as trainers of other supervisors and employees, eliminating costly training sessions for all employees.

HNNCSB is now implementing another capability of PowerTime: the importing and viewing of employee Paystubs and W-2 information online.

"PowerTime is so straightforward and easy to use, and we have had great feedback from employees. It increased the submission rate immediately after implementation, and today we rarely have a missing timesheet."
Brenda Burt
Payroll Manager
Hampton-Newport News